ZPER is an Ethereum-backed financial ecosystem which uses smart contract technology. It is a decentralized P2P (peer-to-peer) financial ecosystem that creates a stable environment for investment. It that has been introduced by the top P2P companies and robo-advisors so that a secure connection could be established for the lenders and borrows for carrying out transactions.

The ZPER ecosystem will offer a strong financial model using P2P finance policies and values from around the world. ZPER will be able to transcend the currency of any country and use the conventional structure to provide a flow of funds.

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ZPER will allow participants to exchange values and interact freely so that an efficient financial environment could be created. Following are the main aims/functions of a ZPER ecosystem:

  • To enhance data utilization through an efficient compensation system.
  • To create a sound and transparent investment environment on the basis of a smart contract.
  • To design different investment products through P2P finance alliances.
  • To secure the investment flexibilities by tokenizing P2P loans for receivables.
  • To provide various financial investments that transcend borders.
  • To create a fair distribution of values shared by various alliances or participants.
  • To promote irreversible management of all contracts and bonds.


The ZPER financial ecosystem is for all P2P finance companies, individual borrowers, investors, robo-advisors, and financial information providers. This is an excellent platform because it allows participants from around the globe to exchange information regarding loans. The ZPR token can be easily purchased by anyone after the initial coin offering, which is yet to be disclosed by the company.

However, the ecosystem is currently open to businesses that have data providers, P2P finance services, and different types of loan purchasers. Following are the ICO start and end dates for ZPER:

  • ICO start date: March 17, 5 am UTC
  • ICO end date: May 2

You can find more ICO information here.

ZPER Token

  • Tokens for crowdsale & presale: ZPR
  • Soft cap: 5.000 ETH
  • Hard cap: 48.000 ETH
  • Token sale: 50%
  • Reserve: 10.7%
  • Team advisors: 17%
  • Ecosystem: 22.3%


The ZPER ecosystem is designed for easy and smooth cross-border transactions in which the risk management will be carried out by robo-advisors. It will be open to everyone, and all participants will be awarded fairly according to their contribution. The ZPER alliance includes MIDRATE, FUNDA, OLLEY, SODIT, and many other well-known names related to the field of finance.


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