Treats for Dogs with Bad Breath

It’s unpleasant to cuddle with a dog that has bad breath, no matter how loveable he is, and simply sitting in front of a panting dog with bad breath is sometimes too much to bear. My grandmother’s dog had a horrendous case of bad breath, and although he was the sweetest dog, I could hardly stand to pet him.

It isn’t necessary to put up with bad breath when there are dog treats available that effectively freshen even the worst case of doggy halitosis – if your dog’s teeth and gums are healthy. The following information provides a few types of dog treats and products that do a great job to freshen bad breath. Your dog is sure to love them!

Statement of Warning Before Relying on Treats

A dog with chronic bad breath could have an underlying medical condition, tooth decay, and/or gum disease. If your dog is suffering from chronic bad breath, all of the breath freshening treats available won’t permanently solve the problem. Take your dog to a veterinarian for a thorough dental and medical exam. The price of an exam and regular dental care could save your dog’s life.

My dog passed away from advanced kidney failure that was more than likely caused by tooth decay and gum disease. My dog received a yearly cleaning and dental exams, but before I adopted my dog, her teeth were neglected. Her former owners didn’t encourage her to chew bones, and bones are great dental tools for keeping the teeth clean and the gums healthy. Unfortunately I couldn’t afford to have my dog’s teeth cleaned every six months, and once the teeth are pitted and the enamel is gone, they collect plaque easier and decay much faster. All of the treats in the world wouldn’t have freshened my dog’s bad breath.

Regular veterinary checkups that include dental care could save your dog’s life and prevent many broken hearts. My Jasmine was only 9 years old when she passed away, and if her teeth had been properly cared for, she might still be alive today. Dog treats were helpful, but they weren’t enough to keep the teeth and gums healthy, and they certainly didn’t freshen my dog’s breath. Treats are only temporary solutions for problems that are sometimes more serious. Take my advice, and besides buying breath freshening treats, take your dog to the vet for proper dental and medical care.

Nutri Dent Treats

If your dog suffers from an occasional case of bad breath, try natural Nutri Dent Treats made especially for dogs. They are bite-size treats for dogs of all sizes, and dogs with the most sensitive stomachs will find them easy to digest. Nutri Dent Treats work by controlling tartar, and getting rid of tartar is important since it’s one of the most common sources of bad breath.

Fresh Breath Tablets

These breath freshening treats are in tablet form, and they work by neutralizing odors that that begin in the digestive system. As the dog chews the specially formulated tablets, they gently scrub the teeth and naturally remove stuck-on food and other debris. These treats taste like mint, and dogs absolutely love them.

Mint Rawhide

Rawhide has been a poplar treat for many years, but have you ever heard of mint rawhide chews? Mint rawhide chews are a lovely shade of green, and they are infused with mint that freshens the breath with every chew. Best of all, green mint rawhide won’t stain carpets and flooring. Consider buying mint rawhide chips, twists, or knotted bones if you want to freshen your dog’s breath while keeping his teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Where Can I Find These Treats and Products to Freshen My Dog’s Breath?

All of the abovementioned products can be found in the Doctors Foster and Smith catalog. Search the catalog or look online at for the latest and greatest breath freshening treats for dogs, and many other high-quality items. Foster and Smith are actual veterinarians, and the products they offer are of the highest quality. The prices are affordable, and most orders are shipped within 24 hours.

Chew Eez Carvers by Purina Review

During a recent trip to PetCo to purchase our bi-weekly supply of dog food, we came across a 3/$10 sale on Purina dog treats. We decided it was time to grab a few favorites, and try the new Chew eez Carvers by Purina.

We purchased a 3.5oz resealable package of the chicken breast flavored premium jerky treats to test on our two hounds.

Belle, who will eat anything that fits into her mouth, will surely approve of the new Purina treat, however, Orion is a little more picky. He tends to turn down chicken flavored treats, or anything that is plain or bland in flavor. He will actually turn down a tortilla chip if it doesn’t have melted cheese on top! Talk about spoiled!

After opening the package of Chew eez Carvers by Purina, I noticed that it had a faint chicken type smell. It was not overpowering, but enough to arouse Belle’s senses, bringing her to a beg and sit pose, waiting to taste the new protein rich (38%) treat.

The Chew eez Carvers are about 1/4″ thick and resemble a flattened chicken breast that has been on the grill, with meat tenderizing lines and all. The treat is semi soft, and seems to be a little harder and tougher than a human-grade jerky treat.

Belle eagerly accepted the chicken treat and began to chew. She had no trouble with the 3-4″ wide round treat. I expected a jerky treat to take a few moments to chew, but in a few chomps, her treat was gone.

Orion on the other hand, had a little more difficulty with his treat. He did accept the chicken flavored Chew eez Carver, but held it in his mouth for awhile, as if he wasn’t sure what to do with it. I realized that the piece was too large for the 70lb dog, and broke it into two pieces so he could enjoy it. After gobbling down the first piece, he was anxious for the second.

After being taste tested by my two dogs, I think the Chew eez Carvers by Purina treat is a hit. Although the price was a little steep at $3.33 for a package containing about 12 pieces, I think I’d buy the treat again since it offers variety from dry dog biscuits and beef and bacon flavored treats.

The Chew eez Carvers’ packaging claims the product is made from real chicken breast and savory seasonings. Beef flavored Chew eez Carvers by Purina are also available.

Vienna: Culture and Christmas

If you are planning a trip to Vienna, its best to understand some customs that are practiced in the city. This article is going to inform you of these customs, Christmas time, and a few etiquette pieces.

                        Austrian Do’s and Don’ts


            In Austria, there are many different things that some people practice in the U.S. that are no no’s in Austria. Let’s look at things to do in Vienna Austria.  Austrians are said to be reserved and easy going, but also kind of moody and grumpy often. Austrians are not afraid to tell you that you messed something up. If someone does not approve of what you are doing, you’ll know quickly. Most of the time the locals are very nice and willing to help. Here are a few tips for travelers.

When you speak to a person who is older, you address them formally. Titles are very important in Austria and more important in business chats. You must shake hands when greeting someone. Looking them in the eyes shows honesty and sincerity. When going shopping or entering a store, you must say hello. In Austria, you will never be late for anything. Punctuality shows that you are wanting to spend time with your guest or business partners. When invited to dinner, you must be on time and bring a wrapped gift. Table manners are like the U.S., except tipping is 10% when dining out.

                        Christmas and Advent


            Advent is a season that begins four weeks before Christmas. For Four Sundays, there is a wreath and candle lighting tradition performed by families in Austria. There are Christmas carols sang and everyone is getting ready for Christmas. Often, the family will have tea, read some stories, and eat Christmas cookies. Kids are told to make a list of their wishes and make sure it’s to Christkindl. They will receive a gift during this time.

On December 5th and 6th, Krampus and St. Nikolaus play a game. Krampus is the one who will punish you for being bad and doing wrong. St. Nikolaus is the one who forgives you the next day and will visit your family to forgive you. St. Nikolaus is very nice and jolly, whereas, Krampus is scary and has on a scary mask as well. Krampus scares children and if you see him, you should just run the other way.

Christmas is by far, the most important holiday in Austria. Austrians love to celebrate the festive time of year. On Christmas Eve, the day is usually spent with close relatives. They prepare for Christmas day and decorate the tree. Carols are sung, and many stories are read in preparation for the next day. Christmas day is reserved for parties and visitors. Everyone comes together in the same place and feasts are served and devoured. All day is spent happily and discussing and thinking about presents. During this time, there are many festivities that will happen. These do not end until New Year’s Eve.


ZPER is an Ethereum-backed financial ecosystem which uses smart contract technology. It is a decentralized P2P (peer-to-peer) financial ecosystem that creates a stable environment for investment. It that has been introduced by the top P2P companies and robo-advisors so that a secure connection could be established for the lenders and borrows for carrying out transactions.

The ZPER ecosystem will offer a strong financial model using P2P finance policies and values from around the world. ZPER will be able to transcend the currency of any country and use the conventional structure to provide a flow of funds.

zper ico review


ZPER will allow participants to exchange values and interact freely so that an efficient financial environment could be created. Following are the main aims/functions of a ZPER ecosystem:

  • To enhance data utilization through an efficient compensation system.
  • To create a sound and transparent investment environment on the basis of a smart contract.
  • To design different investment products through P2P finance alliances.
  • To secure the investment flexibilities by tokenizing P2P loans for receivables.
  • To provide various financial investments that transcend borders.
  • To create a fair distribution of values shared by various alliances or participants.
  • To promote irreversible management of all contracts and bonds.


The ZPER financial ecosystem is for all P2P finance companies, individual borrowers, investors, robo-advisors, and financial information providers. This is an excellent platform because it allows participants from around the globe to exchange information regarding loans. The ZPR token can be easily purchased by anyone after the initial coin offering, which is yet to be disclosed by the company.

However, the ecosystem is currently open to businesses that have data providers, P2P finance services, and different types of loan purchasers. Following are the ICO start and end dates for ZPER:

  • ICO start date: March 17, 5 am UTC
  • ICO end date: May 2

You can find more ICO information here.

ZPER Token

  • Tokens for crowdsale & presale: ZPR
  • Soft cap: 5.000 ETH
  • Hard cap: 48.000 ETH
  • Token sale: 50%
  • Reserve: 10.7%
  • Team advisors: 17%
  • Ecosystem: 22.3%


The ZPER ecosystem is designed for easy and smooth cross-border transactions in which the risk management will be carried out by robo-advisors. It will be open to everyone, and all participants will be awarded fairly according to their contribution. The ZPER alliance includes MIDRATE, FUNDA, OLLEY, SODIT, and many other well-known names related to the field of finance.

Aquazone Adjustable Swimming Goggles Review

Swimming is one of the most loved exercises that are performed by people on the regular basis. But the main concern that occurs is regarding the safety of your eyes. But you need not worry about it anymore; as all of it is properly taken care of. It is one of the most popular products available in the market. It is able to offer you the durable and leak-proof protection for your eyes. We hope to show you how swimming can be great for you and how these goggles can really help you. If you want to find out more look into Delicious those guys have a long review on swimming goggles.


Aquazone Adjustable swimming gogglesThese swimming goggles are meant to provide you the perfect fit. These can be used by any of the people and can be easily adjusted according to their size. These goggles are also extremely comfortable to wear even if you keep them on for longer hours. These are made up of the mirrored layer over the lenses. This is done to provide you better underwater vision. The lenses are specially designed to be shatter resistant as well. You will also be given with the extra earplugs with this pack of swimming goggles. You are provided these goggles in a protective case. This also offers you easy storage for the goggles along with keeping them safe.


  • These swimming goggles are extremely easy and comfortable for usage even you tend to wear it for longer hours.
  • You can easily adjust it according to your size because of the adjustable strap that is offered in the product.
  • The lenses are made with the anti-fog feature.
  • The lenses are made mirrored to provide you better vision underwater.
  • It also comes along with the additional free earplugs.
  • The goggles come in the protective case for easy storage.
  • These swimming goggles are extremely cheap and are available for you in an affordable price range.
  • The company offers you the 100 percent money back guarantee. This is provided for you in case you are not at all satisfied with the services or the product.


  • You are only provided a single color design to choose from.


The ALASKA BEAR® Natural silk sleep mask & blindfold, super-smooth eye mask is surely a worthy investment to make. This product surely is able to provide you the best services possible and uses the latest technologies for the same. Also, you are provided the money back guarantee if you are not satisfied; making it a more reliable option to go with.


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